CONSTRUCTION Expert Witnesses

A construction expert witness recently testified on behalf of an airport authority in their case against a construction company charged to build a stormwater basin. The civil suit, which was brought by the airport authority, deals with cost overruns during the airport’s construction of a stormwater basin.

The stormwater basin in question was designed to filter and quickly dispense runoff into wetlands nearby. Stormwater basins are meant to collect stormwater and slowly release it at a controlled rate so that downstream areas are not flooded or eroded. The construction company was tasked to test whether the sand in place would allow water to drain at an acceptable rate. The airport authority charged that the tests weren’t thorough enough and thus led to damages that were quite expensive to repair.

The prosecution retained a construction expert witness in order to more effectively make their case against the construction company. Based on his experience and research, the expert witness testified that the construction company should have known about problems during the construction project.

Though this case required roughly 100 hours of consulting time from the expert, the expert’s fee amounted to a small fraction of the damages the airport authority sued for. Often, a qualified expert witness can often make the difference between winning and losing a case, thus easily justifying the associated retainer fees.

Construction expert witnesses are often vital to winning cases. Big construction projects, such as installing a stormwater basin, have many steps involved and require a large degree of precision to ensure that the project is handled effectively. Faulty measurements, insufficient testing or negligence can quickly lead to large sums of damages. Since construction cases can often be the most lucrative of all civil trials, it’s important to present as thorough and convincing an argument as possible.

When searching for construction experts, it can be helpful to try to find an expert with extensive experience with the particular type of construction project pertinent to the case. If, for example, a case involves stormwater basins, it will be helpful to find an expert witness with experience handling that specific kind of construction project. If a case involves construction at airports, it might be helpful to seek an airport construction expert. No matter the case, finding a relevant expert witness can help litigators make stronger and more convincing arguments, and can often tip the balance of a case in their favor.