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Expertise Description

I have more than 30 years experience in the field of Architecture and Construction. My experience includes contract drawings and specifications with an emphasis on technical quality, project management, construction management, project scheduling, water intrusion and envelope failure, construction delays, mold issues, and construction claims. My architectural experience has involved many types of buildings, including bus shelters, recreational centers, wood frame apartments, high-rise buildings, correctional facilities, educational buildings, major civic buildings, courthouses, college buildings, and single family homes. I have experience in construction administration. I have case experience in construction defects, fire investigation, construction delay claims, construction contract administration, and litigation avoidance.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes construction delay claims, water intrusion claims, residential construction defects, explosion and fire investigation, water intrusion in condominiums and townhouses, building envelope failure, real estate development economics, building product defects, construction defects, design defects, seismic damage investigation.

Consulting Experience

My consulting experience includes Architectural and Engineering Services for a wide range of building types; Owner and representative on recreational facilities; Construction Contract Administration; Pre / Post-construction review; Peer review and quality control of design and construction documents on residential, commercial and institutional projects; Acquisition due diligence, property conditions assessments; Remedial design / construction documentation; Building department processing; Building Envelope design and investigations; Destructive and Non-destructive Investigations; Diagnostic / Failure anlaysis; Building Investigation and Testing, Valuations and Assessments; Value Engineering; Bid and schedule analysis; Construction loan monitoring; Close-out due diligence; Architectural observation of large scope commercial building construction projects for compliance with construction documents; Contractor on standard of care and code requirement reviews; Analysis of building mold issues

Professional Experiences

I am an architect with over 35 years experience in design and construction. I have played a key role on a wide range of building projects ranging from single family homes to major government facilities.

I am a technical architect. My experience has mostly been in overseeing and managing the preparation of construction documents and in construction contract administration during the construction phase of projects. During my 35+ years as an architect, neither I, my firm nor any project that I have been associated with has been subject to a lawsuit, dispute or arbitration of any kind. This is indicative of my knowledge of architectural practice and the care with which I have practiced architecture.

My primary practice at this time is in the quality review of construction documents and property conditions surveys prepared by others. This year, about 15% of my practice is associated with legal or forensic cases. In previous years this has been higher.

In 40 years administering construction contracts, many times I have seen and resolved situations where an owner contracts for work and is expecting to pay one amount but is actually billed for a much larger amount. I have played a significant role in most types of building projects.

I have 8 years experience working exclusively in the design and construction of prisons. In recent years a significant part of my practice has been in the review of construction drawings and specifications prepared by others. I review for quality of documents and constructibility. I have been responsible for the reviews of 24 new fire stations for the city of Los Angeles, 8 schools for the city of New York, college buildings in California and other projects.


Degree Subject Institution
Bachelor of Architecture University of British Columbia

Licenses Certifications

California Licensed Architect
California Architects Board (CAB)
British Columbia Registered Architect (MAIBC)
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
Accredited Professional (LEED AP)

Awards & Affiliation

CMHC (Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation) Traveling Scholarship
Silver design award for best house over 3000 sq. ft.
The Canadian Homebuilders Association
National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB)
Architectural Institute of British Columbia (MAIBC)

Primary Affiliation

Architectural Institute of British Columbia (MAIBC)