Convenience Store And Gas Stations Expert 446497 FL

Expertise Description

I have more than 25 years of experience in Convenience Store and Gasoline Station Operations. My experience includes convenience store chains, petroleum distribution and truck stop, and station properties. I am a PMPA expert on Oil-supplier-distributor/franchisee and distributor-dealership relationships including contract terms, credit and billing matters, as well as experience in Distributor and Dealership bankruptcies. My expertise also includes, P & L Responsibility, product distribution and marketing, proprietary foodservice, fuel brands, petroleum equipment, and Underground Storage Tanks (USTs). I have prior expert witness experience with consultation, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes patent infringement, wrongful death, insurance claims, federal bankruptcy cases, and warranty action.

Consulting Experience

My consulting experience includes ongoing consulting for major convenience chains, due diligence on several major transactions, and I have started several fuel and convenience brands.

Relevant Experiences

I have detailed and practical PMPA adherence and pricing experience as it relates to franchise dealers and also branded wholesalers, and how the pricing is to be administered in order not to violate the dealers pricing fairness provisions under the PMPA and Robinson-Patman discriminatory pricing federal laws. I have done multiple cases of tracking pricing and billing anomalies by oil suppliers.

My expertise is in pavement design, highway design, rehabilitation and construction. Also, I have done QC/QA work, specifications and cost estimating on highway projects. I have a master’s degree in construction engineering and a PhD in pavement engineering. I have 20 years of experience working in Caltrans in this field and 6 years as a private consultant.

I was providing drilling development financing packages (Not funding, just putting together real costs and writing the prospectus for the drilling, completion and initial production) for drilling sites in West Texas, and a couple in the Bakken area of North Dakota, in the 2011-2013 time period. So I know what people were pricing at for various tubular products in that time period.

I am very familiar with wholesale distribution and all contract and pricing aspects of the manufacturer-distributor relationship.

I have been in the wholesaling and convenience store business since 1994 as a C-Level executive and high-level consultant. I have operated retail fueling sites in many parts of the US, as well as internationally. I am an expert on forecourt procedures and equipment, and safety and statutory adherence. I have experience with operating procedure cases, including two in PA, one of which was wrongful death action. It settled. I have deep experience as an expert witness, and can use my operating background to opine with authority. I can provide pre-filing research and give an accurate assessment of negligence/”Duty of care” standard procedures related to the incident. I have operated in multiple regulatory environments, and can apply both the PA laws and API standards to the incident.

I have run UST compliance for multiple chains, both here in Florida and other states. I have built sites to meet local regulations in: Florida, Georgia, Washington State, Jamaica (Country), Honduras, and consulted with Gazpromneft’s construction department on multiple sites all over Russia and Eastern Europe. Also MOL Group in Hungary. I can go over the “API Safe Work Practices for Contractors At Petroleum/Convenience Facilities – 2009 Update”, publication which is used as the basis for all state and local construction regulations involving underground construction at retail gasoline sites, and have used this in cases.
I have had construction managers working for me, but have not been one. I have dealt with ExxonMobil’s, Chevron’s, Valero’s and many independent chains construction departments over the years. I know tanks compliance regimes, tank insurance regulations and policies, and the what proper construction techniques are for gasoline forecourts.

I have done 5 equipment and construction related cases, and have been quoted as an UST expert in publications. I can opine on tank changes, piping and pump replacement procedure, and forecourt work in depth. I have remodeled and installed new equipment in many (25+) locations, built several stations from greenfield through operation, and also done station remodeling and building internationally. I have opined on both procedures for construction and installation and damages/equipment value. I am considered an expert on all the forecourt equipment and tank and monitoring systems within the industry. 

I am an underground storage tank (UST) expert, and have installed and operated tank sets all over the world. I was the Managing Director of a distributorship that had a station on the island of Jamaica that had a water I the tank problem which eventually was tracked down to a mis-installed pipe, but I had to repair 8 vehicles due to the water in the fuel, which was unleaded regular in that case.


B.A.EconomicsRobert Morris College