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Expertise Description

With more than 30 years experience working as a coroner, my areas of expertise include running mass fatality incidents; supervising all investigations and assisting in the determination of the cause and manner of death: to include homicides, suicides, accidents, officer involved incidents, and multi-fatality deaths; directly supervising investigators, supervising investigators and clerical staff; managing all investigative units, morgue operations and after hour response activities, including officer involved, in-custody, and high-profile deaths. I have provided consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony as a coroner expert witness for over 5 years.

Areas of Expertise

Relevant Experiences

I have spent the past 32 years as a Medicolegal Death Investigator for a prominent Coroner agency in Southern California. My duties have spanned all aspects of what is required to conduct a comprehensive investigation. The past 20 years I have held the position of Lead Supervising Deputy and had the responsibility for the management of our Deputy Coroner Investigators, management staff and forensic staff. One of my primary duties is to review each of the approximately 10,000 annual cases to insure that all investigative details are properly addressed.

During my career I have been involved with the development of coroner policy, not only for my organization, but also as a consultant to numerous counties within our state. I served for 3 years as the president of a State Coroner’s Association and as a part of that role I had the opportunity to work with over half of the Coroner Divisions often to address best practice concerns and application of new legislation. I instruct at the State Coroner Academy and have been involved in the development of much of the curriculum that is presented each year.


Degree, Subject, Institution
Medicine Masters of Death Investigation, , St.LouisUniversity

Licenses Certifications

Specialized Peace Office Certificate – Coroner

Awards & Affiliation

California State Coroner’s Association Legislative Committee
California State Coroner’s Association Training Standards Committee
California State Department of Justice Advisory Committee for Death Investigation
San Bernardino County Terrorism Oversight Panel
San Bernardino County Disaster Advisory Committee

Primary Affiliation

California State Coroner’s Association Legislative Committee