Product Defect Expert WitnessesConsumers who used the cooking spray Pam have sued alleging that the containers exploded and severely burned, blinded and/or disfigured them. The Cook County Circuit Court lawsuits allege that Conagra designed and manufactured cans that were defective and failed to warn consumers of the danger. Conagra responded that when the product is used correctly, it is 100% safe. The company states that the container design is no longer in production. 

The Chicago Sun Times lists the lawsuits filed against Conagra by the law firm KoskoffKoskoff, and Bieder on behalf of plaintiffs: 

Maria Mariano, whose canister of Wellsley Farms Cooking Spray on a counter near the stove in her Staten Island, New York, home, exploded as she was boiling water on April 5. 

Raveen Sugantharaj, who was burned by an exploding can of Pam Cooking Spray in his Indianapolis home on March 6. 

Paytene Pivonka and Jacob Dalton, whose Pam Cooking Spray on a wall shelf above the stove where they were cooking in their Provo, Utah, home exploded and burned them on Nov. 6. 

Andrea Bearden and Brandon Banks, who were burned in their Mount Carmel, Illinois, home, on May 19 when the can of Pam Cooking Spray on a counter beside their stove exploded. 

Reveriano Duran, a cook at of the Berryhill Baja Grill in Houston, who on July 16, 2017, moved a canister of Sysco Cooking Spray from the left side of a shelf near the grill top to the right side and then was burned when it exploded. 

Y’Tesia Taylor, who was burned and blinded in one eye on July 15, 2017, when a canister of Pam Cooking Spray, which she’d just used to spray a baking dish with and then placed on a rolling wooden utility cart next to the stove where she was cooking, exploded as she finished putting the dish in the oven in her Greenville, Texas, home. 

All plaintiffs allege that Pam cooking sprays are defective and create extreme safety hazards. 

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