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Expertise Description

I have spent over 35 years working in the field of design. My areas of focus include brand identities, packaging graphic systems, structural packaging, product design, consumer insight & research, competitive analysis, strategic mapping, dimensional brand architecture, visual brand language, creative ideation, design and development, technical, marketing, brand and business integration. I have provided numerous clients with consultations and deposition for more than 10 years.

Areas of Expertise

Professional Experiences

My 35 years of design consulting and executing deliverables in product design, package design, brand identity, graphic design, collateral and branded environments based upon brand/consumer strategy and marketplace/business opportunity gives me a 360° view of the creative design solution and uniquely a deconstructive understanding of how/why it was done. Interdisciplinary involvement simply put provides a full view of all variables and implications that has gone into an IP entity.
Additionally, my work output has been judged primarily by consumers – regular people – in the context of the marketplace based upon person’s mental, visceral and emotional connection that starts out as an attraction and leads to a sale/repeat sale. In other words, people judge my thinking and work output subconsciously.

My interdisciplinary involvement in a myriad of categories and industries helps me fully understand what an IP entity is, its meaning and how/why it was created the way it’s shown.


Degree Subject Institution
B.F.A. Industrial Design Massachusetts College or Art and Design – Boston

Awards & Affiliation

Alumni Association, 2011 Distinguished Alumni Award