Digital Data Forensics Expert 500561 AK

Expertise Description

I have more than 15 years of experience as an Independent Investigator with a law enforcement background and education and experience with information technology and wireless engineering. I have over a decade of experience in law enforcement and over a decade of field experience in information technology. I am dedicated to helping in forensic investigation, examination and the recovery of electronic data. I am especially proficient in digital forensics, preserving digital evidence, data recovery, troubleshooting, data forensic audits, digital network security breaches, digital forensic imaging, computer forensic investigation, online security and privacy. I am an information technology network engineer and a wireless design engineer. I worked as an IT Director, contractor and held various positions on IT teams. I can examine, certify and authenticate digital evidence, as well as investigate devices seized by other sources (e.g., law enforcement). I am available at almost any time to participate in evidence seizures and am qualified to establish and maintain a chain of custody during transportation and storage. I hold a wide variety of Microsoft and Cisco certifications and am an expert in using forensic tools to analyze hardware, software, and networks. I secure, analyze, recover, extract, and investigate digital data from computers, cell phones, iPads, networks of all sizes, and other mobile devices. I am proficient in electronic discovery (eDiscovery). I am the proprietor of a company that performs digital forensic investigations, digital forensic imaging, forensic data recovery, and provides expert witness services. I can provide expert testimony with regard to protocols, seizure, the handing of digital evidence. I can determine digital chains of events, Internet behavior patterns, and social media and cell phone usage habits, cyber stalking, online harassment and hacker tracers. I have over 5 years of expert witness experience with consultation, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

I secure, image, analyze, recover, investigate and store digital evidence in; civil litigation, corporate matters, domestic disputes and criminal defense investigations. In my Computer Forensics Lab, I handle, preserve, analyze, investigate, reconstruct and recover digital electronic data from computers, cell phones, mobile devices, networking hardware, PDA’s, SIM cards, data storage devices and digital logs.

Consulting Experience

My consulting experience includes forensic imaging, data acquisitions, digital data analysis and storage, as well as its preservation; chain of custody, forensic recovery of deleted or lost data, investigation of digital data from electronic devices, protocol audits, digital data preservation audit, and due diligence data.

Licenses Certifications

Private Investigation Licensed by Nevada PI Licensing Board