Domestic Employment Expert 48352 CA(S)

Expertise Description

I have over 20 years experience in labor and employment legal and tax areas concerning domestic employment and household employees; and nanny agencies and domestic employment agencies. I am familiar with federal and state statutes, regulations and case law involving legal, tax and insurance issues regarding nannies, elder care providers, personal attendants, personal assistants, and other household employees; and nanny agencies and domestic employment agencies. My expertise includes issues involving proper standards of care in hiring; typical job duties; compensation, hours, benefits and other terms of employment; supervision; evaluation; termination; confidentiality and privacy; and severance; independent contractor vs. employee analysis; evaluating legal compliance and vetting nominees for appointment (avoiding “Nannygate”); evaluating, defending and resolving employee complaints, charges and litigation, as well as governmental claims, charges and investigations; wage and hour and overtime; federal and state employment taxes; tax credits and tax savings; offer letters; applications and interview questions;, severance packages; arbitration agreements; handbooks and workplace policies; ADA accommodations; leave and benefits matters; training on and responding to harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful termination claims; investigating and defending employee charges filed with state and federal agencies; reviewing, drafting, commenting and lobbying on legislation; client contracts; resolving client and business disputes.

Areas of Expertise

Consulting Experience

My consulting services include: engineering, planning, and operations supervision on numerous projects; operations management services, including decommissioning, abandonment and drilling activities; engineering consulting services in support of deep water drilling and completions operations for exploratory and development wells; solicitation and evaluation of bids for services, security governmental approval of well plans and subcontractors, and organization of communications and emergency plans.

Relevant Experiences

I have been an employment law attorney since 1998. I regularly advise clients regarding wage and hour and meal and rest period issues. It is the central focus of my practice. Further, in addition to my private practice experience, I served as the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources for a multi-site college district with approximately 2,500 employees. In this role, I handled a wide variety of employment law issues. Finally, and of particular relevance to this claim, I also work from home. Thus, I am not only familiar with the applicable legal standards, but I personally work in the environment at issue in this case.
I have practiced law for 18 years and regularly advise clients on issues relating to accommodation issues. Before I started my own employment law practice, I was the head of Human Resources for a multi-campus college district where I was responsible for all HR issues, including worker accommodation requests. I also served as in-house employment law counsel for a major Southern California company where I again evaluated employee accommodation requests. In sum, I am very familiar with the legal requirements of accommodation requests — both from an in-house as well as outside counsel perspective — and could testify as an expert in this area.



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