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Expertise Description

I have more than 40 years of experience in the child care and related services field. In that context, my experience began as a teacher, school director, graduate school teacher, national director of a network of child care centers, and presently as a Business and Operations Consultant to the early care and education industry for close to 20 years. The myriad of experiences has meant that I know the field at all levels and am able to deliver a rich depth to the clients I serve. Previously, I’ve worked with other providers, large corporations, CEO’s at all levels, government agencies and their Directors, attorneys, accountants, and a wide variety of organizations of all types and sizes. I am proud to say that I succeeded in helping these people and organizations with my industry experience, problem solving skills, and by keeping that client’s goals as my number one. My work has been defined by the wide breath of endeavors that I’ve encountered. Whether it’s in management/union arbitration, helping large service providers make closing choices, mentoring a CEO, providing expert witness services and testimony, or training an entire nation’s school directors, I am there and helping all the way. In my industry and in related business situations, my consultancy has helped clients succeed and left them better prepared for the future. I have more than 20 years expert witness experience with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

I have worked four cases over my career. Two of them began with the prep work, through deposition, and finally court testimony. In these two, I worked once each for a plaintiff and defense attorney. One concerned a center suing an accrediting organization claiming bias, the other was a personal injury case. A third case was settled between deposition and going to court where here again, personal injury. My last experience involved a labor issue where I spoke to standard operating practices in the child care industry.

Consulting Experience

The more common consulting work projects I have worked on include: improving financial results, assessment of organizational structure and making recommendations for positive change, management advising for on-site managers, providing a feasibility study for individuals and/or organizations that want to get into the child care business or open additional centers. Working with others from different industries to help the client reach their goal. Examples include: my client’s HR director, their attorney and myself, working with my client’s managers in negotiating a disagreement with government executives, helping multiple organizations start and complete a merger process. The projects listed, and others not, can be short term through those that last over a year. A major part of my consulting practice is the training and small group teaching that I provide to clients. My clients range from a single school to large corporations to international alliances.

Professional Experiences

I have worked as a teacher, school director, museum director, National Director of children’s services and network of child care centers, Graduate School Faculty, Management Trainer and currently as a Business and Operational Consultant, primarily in the child care industry. Through my career, I have a proven track record of success in positions of increasing responsibilities and scope. That scope has taken me into various industries, as well as extending my influence from local to national to an international audience

Relevant Experiences

I have long-term and deep experience in managing child care programs and have spent several decades overseeing programs nationally. As part of my consulting practice, I now work with organizations that have a goal of improving programs, safety, management, and supervision. I understand the licensing standards from each state and can interpret these standards to specific situations. As well, I am familiar with the legal and operational guidelines of using youth in classroom and playground situations. While serving as the National Director of Children’s Services for a major nonprofit charitable organization, I launched and oversaw a network of 102 child care programs based on inclusion model for children with disabilities and more typically developing children. In that role and under my supervision, we developed an entire training program for teachers working with children with autism, as well as other common disabilities.

In many years in the child care industry, I have been involved in a myriad of consultations pertaining to many topics. My work is with Owners, Managers, and Executives within each company. In addition, I also provide a great deal of training and in both these endeavors am quite used to being in front of strangers and a variety of people where I must communicate successfully at many levels.
As part of my work for clients, I am involved in working with other professionals also working for that same company on specific matters. Examples of this include attorneys, accountants, and other consultants. My efforts in the legal realm are several fold and exist in a) consulting with attorneys and company executives on specific situations, 2) consulting with plaintiff attorneys in regard to Standard Operating Practices or licensing interpretations in the industry, and 3) more informally, dealing with labor, practice, or injury issues for both sides. In the past, I have also been involved as an expert witness, including deposition or court testimony.
I speak and present well.


Degree Subject Institution
M.Ed. Early Childhood Education and Child and Human Development Erikson Institute Chicago IL
B.S. Education and Sociology University of Illinois

Awards & Affiliation

Leadership Greater Chicago
United Way of Chicago
World Forum in Early Care and Education
Early Care and Education Consortium
National Association for the Education of Young Children

Primary Affiliation

National Association for the Education of Young Children