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Expertise Description

I have more than 20 years of experience in the field of Education. I have worked with public, parochial, and private schools in a multitude of areas including curriculum, teacher evaluation, special education, learning difficulties, school safety, school placement, programming, school discipline, learning, psychological evaluations, reading disorders, assistive technology, speech and language needs, occupational therapy needs, social skills, transition, child custody, school discipline (detention, suspension, expulsion), college admissions, post secondary educational options, transition, plagiarism, common core standards, child custody relocation cases, and more. I am detail-oriented and well read in my field. As a former teacher and grade level high school principal, I have practical experience as well as a strong theoretical background. I remain current with evidence based programs, educational pedagogy, educational programming, and instructional approaches.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes careful analysis and review of records, preparing written reports and exhibits, crafting questions in collaboration with attorneys to be used during direct questioning and/or cross examination, and providing expert testimony after analyzing individual student needs and/or school systems with regard to the following types of cases : (1) child custody cases and the factors affecting “in the best interest of the child” standard; (2) child custody relocation cases where I have been deemed an expert in the comparison of educational systems at all levels of education and an expert in the areas of academics, special education, child development, and child/adolescent psychology; (3) special education dispute resolution and due process hearings; and (4) student disciplinary hearings (including expulsion hearings) at both secondary and college levels.

Consulting Experience

My consulting experience includes (1) working in collaboration with students, parents, parent attorneys, school district solicitors, various local education agencies, and pro se parents involved in due process cases; (2) reviewing key data related to student performance, educational methodologies, educational best practices, continuum of course offerings, progress monitoring, and evidence based practices; and (3) applying my thorough working knowledge of state and federal regulations – IDEA, ADA, FERPA, Common Core, Section 504, Title IX–, child find obligations, behavior intervention techniques, response to intervention (RTI), tiers I, II, III, community resources, psycho-educational measures, continuum of special education programming, least restrictive environment, transition and post secondary education options, assistive technology, common core standards, state testing measures, disability services in higher education settings, specially designed instruction, academic accommodations, adaptions, and modifications.

Professional Experiences

My professional experience includes classroom and leadership experience–7 years as a high school English teacher, 6 years as a high school administrator, and 12+ years as an educational consultant. I have a thorough working knowledge of: state and federal regulations – IDEA, ADA, FERPA, Common Core, Section 504, Title IX–as well as the practical and theoretical underpinnings of academic, social, emotional, and behavioral factors affecting student success.

Relevant Experiences

My experience includes creating IEPs and 504 plans with research based interventions for students with the following diagnoses/conditions: dysphagia, eosinophilic esophagitis, food allergies, food refusal, food selectivity, feeding disorder, gastrostomy tube dependency, GE reflux, tube feeding, oral motor difficulties, failure to thrive, behavioral feeding disorders, apraxia, and sensory integration dysfunction.

My experience also includes administering standardized tests and state assessment tests as a teacher. As a principal, I was then in charge of the procedures and protocols associated with staff members giving those tests to students. In terms of education statistics and measurement, my experience includes interpreting a wide variety of educational testing measures–standardized, diagnostic, criterion-referenced, norm-referenced, summative, formative, benchmarking, response to intervention, curriculum-based, standards based– which can be constructed with a variety of question types and delivered in varied ways.

I have experience with writing a school’s code of conduct as well as enforcing it. Bullying was a crucial aspect of that code. I worked with students and teachers in bullying prevention measures as well as what to do when you are being bullied or when you see someone else being bullied. In addition, I have chaired school district safety committees where bullying was a regular topic. In addition, I have been qualified as an expert witness in a case with the U. S. Attorney’s office in Maryland where supervision and negligence were central issues. I had direct experience with these issues as a school administrator. In the last thirteen years, I have worked with students and families who have been affected by these issues as well. It has been my job to facilitate solutions in these types of cases.

I have experience as both a teacher and a principal in terms of supervising school programs during the year and in the summer. As a consultant, I visit many different types of school which provides exposure to a variety of policies, procedures, and practices related to supervision. This past May I submitted a thorough written report on behalf of the plaintiff (U.S. Government ) in a similar case involving supervision issues. I was deposed on the matter just two weeks ago. As such, the tenets of supervision along related points such as age, training, ratios, duties, policies, practices, etc. remain fresh in my mind.

I am capable of assessing the quality of the online course options in comparison to the student’s home school curricula.

I have practical experience supervising teachers and students by implementing the standards of care. I also have experience testifying in cases involving supervision and instruction of students.

I worked as a union representative when I was a teacher, and I worked with the union very closely as an administrator. As a consultant, I have provided advice for both tenured and non-tenured teachers. I am well versed regarding the requirements, similarities, and the differences between charter schools and public schools.

I have significant theoretical and practical experience with data collection and analysis as well as with evidence-based interventions in the areas of social, emotional, behavioral, and academic student needs.


Degree Subject Institution
Ed.D. Education Leadership Immaculata University
M.Ed. Education Cabrini College
B.Ed. Education Pennsylvania State University

Licenses Certifications

Pennsylvania Administrative I Certificate (Administrative)
Pennsylvania Instructional II Secondary English (Teaching)

Awards & Affiliation

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)
National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)
Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators

Primary Affiliation

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)