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Expertise Description

I have more than 40 years of experience as an Electrician with expertise in mostly large industrial and commercial work. I am an Electrical Contractor and have over 10 years with a utility company and as a Forensic Engineer. My principal areas of research and consulting include: electrical fire causes, injuries, and fatalities; electrical failure and explosions; auto and machinery electrical systems; water intrusion; residential, commercial, and industrial electrical distribution systems; industrial electrical controls and instrumentation systems; national electric code and safety; high voltage electrical distribution facilities; and the design of many types of electrical facilities. I have over 15 years of expert witness experience with consultation, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Relevant Experiences

I am a registered Professional Engineer (Electrical) in the states of Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, and California. I have investigated over 2,000 fires as a Forensic Electrical Engineer. I have also owned and operated a Design/Build Electrical Contracting company. My design and construction experience includes medium and large commercial projects as well as heavy industrial projects such as copper and uranium mills and printed circuit board manufacturing where I became an expert in high power motor, and complex control applications.

Before going back to school for my Electrical Engineering degree, I became a Journeyman Electrician in 1979 and was fortunate to be part of a group that became specialists in large scale industrial construction on copper and uranium mills where we installed and completed all start up and troubleshooting for high voltage, high horsepower motors and synchronous machines up to 12,000 HP. A synchronous machine is basically a generator being used as a motor.

I have had the opportunity to examine and test all types of motors, transformers, and electronics.

I have provided services as a Qualifying Expert Witness including testimony in over 50 depositions and 9 trials, both as plaintiff and defense expert. I have been providing consultation as a Forensic Electrical Engineer since 1995 with cases involving electrical systems and components in failures, fire causes, injuries, construction issues, root failure cause, standards of care, as well as safety and cost analyses.

As an Apprentice and Journeyman Electrician, I worked in the construction of, and spent many hours terminating duct banks to, as well as pulling conductors into and through electrical manholes/vaults. After getting my Electrical Engineering degree, I worked 12 years for SRP, which is the second largest Electrical Utility company in Arizona. At SRP, I was the Distribution Design Engineer where I worked directly with the underground construction crews and one of my duties for over 8 years was  to supervise all of the Underground Inspectors whose direct responsibility included trench and manhole safety. This was during the 1990s which saw an unprecedented quantity of expansion and construction so I personally conducted a significant amount of those inspections.


Degree Subject Institution
B.S. Electrical Engineering Arizona State University