An attorney in California contacted ForensisGroup for an expert witness in an insurance subrogation case.  The attorney represents the defendant, a company that makes aquariums for commercial use.  The aquarium company is covered by a general liability insurance policy.  The defendant’s insurance company hired the counsel who called ForensisGroup. The case involves a fire that started at a restaurant in California.  The plaintiff’s insurance company paid the claim to the restaurant owner and conducted an investigation.  The insurance company claims that the fire department attributed the fire to one of the components of the aquarium sold by the defendant.

The defendant’s attorney wanted to determine whether or not his client’s product was the cause of the fire and contacted ForensisGroup for an electrical engineering expert witness.  Donna Madarang from ForensisGroup responded to the attorney’s request immediately and referred four California expert witnesses to the client.  The electrical experts have experience with fire cases and they called the attorney to offer a free initial consultation. The attorney informed one of the electrical engineers that he is the right expert witness for the case and that he indeed to retain him.

ForensisGroup’s case management team prepared the retention contract for the attorney while he was waiting for the insurance carrier’s approval.  The client had the contract ready to execute whenever he has the insurance’s approval.  The insurance carrier responded by letting the attorney know that they do not pay retainers to expert witnesses.  ForensisGroup worked closely with the expert to accommodate the insurance carrier’s request. ForensisGroup’s strong relationship with our experts helped make the client’s request happened.  As a result, the attorney was able to hire ForensisGroup’s expert witness and he was able to settle the case based on the expert witness’ finding.