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Expertise Description

I have more than 40 years of Engineering experience, with an expertise in electronic and electromechanical instrumentation design. I am skilled in design of molded plastic, sheet metal, extrusions and castings, as well as current rapid prototyping processes. I have been the owner of an engineering firm which provides design, evaluation, and problem-solving for more than 40 clients in electronics, sports fitness, and medical mobility. I have had prior experience as Chair to a mechanical engineering advisory board for a university. I led a team of 6 industry experts to review course improvements and assure relevant metrics for attaining and keeping accreditation.

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Consulting Experience

I have done consulting work for manufacturing for microwave components, electronics thermal testing, and entertainment electronics.

Professional Experiences

My professional experience with with precision sheet metal include design, supplier evaluation, quality validation, and sustaining product support. I have design and management experience, and was a Program Manager at a company for Mechanical Engineering Quality. I was on the design team for the first aqueous-fluid ink jet printer offered in A4 page format, and was specifically responsible for the system assuring that the printer was ready for use even after long periods of inactivity, whether powered or unpowered. The design of the print head assemblies containing precision manifolds were carried out by cross-discipline teams in order to optimize all aspects of the mechanical, fluid dynamics and electrical performance.


Degree Subject Institution
Mechanical Engineering Portland State University
B.S. Business Management Marylhurst University