Electronic Cigarette Vaping Aliso Viejo Expert 528575 CA(S)

Expertise Description

I have over 40 years experience in sales management, supply chain management, and marketing for technology, retail, vaping and numerous service industries. My expertise includes: electronic cigarettes, vaping and medical marijuana cannabis industries; electronic cigarette parts, batteries, coils, new product development, safety standards, packaging designs, business development, compliant labeling, contract development and sales. I am offering my services as an electronic cigarette vaping expert witness.

Areas of Expertise

Relevant Experiences

At my notable e-cigarette company, we bought several million e-cigarettes from China. Initially we bought completed goods and then imported the electronics only and filled them here with e-liquid. I’ve been to China 3 times and inspected battery factories as well as our manufacturer’s facilities. I’m not an engineer but having been in the e-cig industry since late 2008, have a pretty good knowledge of the product. Additionally I was on the Board of Directors of for an e-cigarette association for over 3 years.


Degree Subject Institution
B.A. Sociology/Psychology California State University – Fullerton CA

Awards & Affiliation

Board of Directors of SFATA (Smoke Free Alternative Trade Association, the largest association for the electronic cigarette industry)
North American Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) and Import Advisory Board
Major Gifts Committee, DaveThomas Foundation for Adoption

Primary Affiliation

North American Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) and Import Advisory Board