Electronics Engineering Expert 526128 NC

Expertise Description

I have spent more than 25 years working as a system level power electronics engineer. My areas of expertise include performing patent viability and infringement studies, forensic cases, root cause failure analysis, and providing design guidance, as well as specification development. I have served varying design markets such as military, aerospace and space flight systems, commercial products, medical devices, aviation systems, industrial designs and controls, and consumer appliances. I have provided my services as an electronics engineering expert witness for over 10 years.

Areas of Expertise

Professional Experiences

I have broad experience in power electronics and industrial systems, including motor drives/inverter designs for low voltage (480/240VAC typical) up to 1MW, motor drives for medium voltage (3300VAC and 4160VAC range) up to 3MW, as well as a variety of other power electronic markets such as UPS systems (1MW), telecom, aerospace systems, and commercial systems. I am also highly skilled in finding root-cause analysis and forensics studies, both within systems and hardware as well as control systems.


Degree Subject Institution
M.S.E.E. Auburn University
B.E.E. Auburn University

Awards & Affiliation