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Expertise Description

I have over 25 years experience as a elevator inspector. My areas of expertise include: elevator and escalator inspections, related building codes, electrical codes, and accessibility code/law; document and site reviews; failure analysis; insurance claims; maintenance evaluation; field testing; modernization and retrofit; and design. I have more than 10 years expert witness experience with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

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Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes elevators and escalators, moving walks, dumbwaiters, conveyers, and personnel hoists.

Consulting Experience

My consulting services include: document and site review to determine sequence of events leading to accident or failure; reviews to determine probable cause of failures and malfunctions; analysis to provide recommendations to prevent reoccurrence; technical assistance to resolve insurance claims related to floods, fire, or other causes; comprehensive maintenance evaluation reviews to determine adequacy of preventative maintenance, adjustment, and performance of elevators and escalators; construction and maintenance tests for code compliance and industry standards; field reviews to determine code upgrade equipments as well as technological upgrade options; all aspects of application design including vertical transport circulation studies.


M.B.A.University of Hawaii
B.A.EconomicsWashington & Jefferson College

Licenses Certifications

Qualified Elevator Inspector Certification
Licensed Elevator Inspector License

Awards & Affiliation

Primary Affiliation

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Partial List of Consulting Expert Witness Cases