Elevator Construction Expert 506969 CA(N)

Expertise Description

I have over 40 years experience in the elevator and escalator industry with expertise in inspections; specification drafting and enforcement; construction compliance; code issues; failure analysis; installations; modernization; safety upgrades; and handicap requirements. I have experience in all types of residential & commercial elevators, including high-speed and low-speed passenger and freight elevators, hydraulic and electric traction elevators, dumbwaiters, and escalators. I have been providing consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony for more than 25 years as an elevator construction expert witness.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

I have provided expert witness testimony to various law firms, insurance companies and building owners regarding a wide range of elevator & escalator related issues; designated an “expert” in this realm before live courtroom juries in San Francisco. I have been deposed on at least 50 occasions as an expert.

Licenses Certifications

Teaching credentials for National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP) – Completed NEIEP Level 1 Teaching Seminar.

Journeyman Elevator Mechanic, International Union of Elevator Constructors, Mechanic (I.U.E.C. Local #8), Union member for 20 years – Completed 18 of the 22 NEIEP educational courses offered.

Certified Competent Conveyance Mechanic, State of California

City of Los Angeles Certified Elevator Mechanic