Environmental Contaminants Expert 34338 CA(N)

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I have over 25 years’ experience conducting environmental investigations and risk assessments for evaluating impacts to human health, property, and ecological receptors. My expertise focuses on the fate and transport of environmental contaminants, human health risk, exposure assessment, and ecological restoration. I have evaluated and modeled emissions from unconventional oil drilling operations, oil spills, landfills, boilers and incinerators, process stacks, storage tanks, confined animal feeding operations, and many other industrial and agricultural sources. My project experience ranges from monitoring and modeling of pollution sources to evaluating impacts of pollution on workers at industrial facilities and residents in surrounding communities. I have investigated and designed remediation programs and risk assessments for contaminated sites containing lead, heavy metals, mold, bacteria, particulate matter, petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, pesticides, radioactive waste, dioxins and furans, semi- and volatile organic compounds, PCBs, PAHs, perchlorate, asbestos, per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFOA/PFOS), unusual polymers, fuel oxygenates (MTBE), among other pollutants. I alsoe have experience evaluating greenhouse gas emissions from various projects and is an expert on the assessment of odors from industrial and agricultural sites, as well as the evaluation of odor nuisance impacts and technologies for abatement of odorous emissions. As a principal scientist at SWAPE, I direct air dispersion modeling and exposure assessments. I have served as an expert witness and testified about pollution sources causing nuisance and/or personal injury at dozens of sites and have testified as an expert witness on more than ten cases involving exposure to air contaminants from industrial sources.

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Ph.D.Soil ChemistryUniv. of Washington
M.S.Environmental ScienceUC Berkeley
B.A.Environmental StudiesUC Santa Barbara

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National Groundwater Association

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