Environmental Expert WitnessAn environmental expert witness has been asked to turn over her records in the San Bruno pipeline explosion. Pacific Gas and Electric told U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson they need the past six years of documents from consultants who gathered evidence in the case against the utility company. The 2010 explosion killed eight people, injured over sixty and destroyed 38 homes.

While PG&E wants Judge Henderson to drop criminal charges in the deadly San Bruno pipeline explosion, the California Public Utilities Commission argues that PG&E knowingly violated pipeline safety rules. The Mercury News reports that PG&E faces up to $562M in fines if convicted on all the charges. In addition to safety violations, the utility company is charged with obstructing a NTSB investigation.

It is common for an environmental expert witness to be called upon to analyze and opine in environmental health and safety litigation.  These lawsuits may involve air pollution, hazardous chemicals, or other forms of contamination. Litigation involving oil and gas, petroleum, radiation, lead, or other hazardous materials requires the expert opinion of a trained and credible environmental expert witness.