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Expertise Description

I have over 20 years experience in Environmental Science Engineering. I have experience as a principal investigator and researcher in several ambient urban and indoor quality studies conducted both domestically and internationally. My expertise includes environmental toxicology, technical knowledge for a large variety of air quality instrumentation, as well as statistical interpretations and analysis related to environmental data for indoor, air toxins, ambient air quality, toxicology, and risk assessments. My air quality consultations include climate change, transportation planning and impacts, and human health risk assessment. My direct research involves traffic dynamics through interpretation of near roadside and downwind pollution gradients of various mobile source air toxins, wood smoke ambient and indoor impacts to exposure, ultrafine particles, and gases produced from combustion and their impacts on human health. I have prior expert witness experience.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes: Second Hand Smoke Assessment; Stationary and Mobile Air Quality Analysis and MOdeling; Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) Exposures and Human Health; Asbestos and Silicate Exposure Assessment.

Consulting Experience

My consulting services include: Indoor Air Quality; Ambient Air Quality Monitoring and Measurement; Technical Consulting for Air Quality Measurements and Monitoring; Hospital and Health Care Facilities Bioaerosol Assessments; Title V Permitting of Major and Minor Air Pollution Sources; Environmental Litigation Support; Environmental & Human Health Risk Assessments; Environmental Health and Safety; Industrial Hygiene; Health Impact Assessments; Second Hand Smoke Exposure Monitoring and Testing; Exposure Assessment.

Relevant Experiences

I am a multi-award winning environmental expert and a world renowned environmental leader. I am highly respected and a recognized expert in indoor air quality, air quality, human health exposures, and risk assessments. I have directed, managed, and consulted on numerous domestic and global environmental consulting and research studies in the areas of indoor air quality, indoor air monitoring, ambient air quality monitoring and modeling, and toxicology to air toxins to public health, exposure assessments, human health, and risk assessments.

As a result of my work and contributions to the environmental field, I have been invited to give several keynote speeches and has become a global resource for his company clients including dozens of attorneys from around the world that recognize my leadership in the environmental exposure assessment field across various environmental settings. I am also currently an elected member by my peers to several national and highly respected environmental committees.

I have been a member of several expert panels related to nanomaterials and have a fluent understanding of the subject matter. As a professional scientist and CEO & Chairman of certified Veteran Owned Small Business, I have worked on several projects related to nanomaterials for various clients.

I am a renowned air quality and human health exposure and risk assessment expert and have worked with dozens of attorneys across the United States on similar cases around spills and impacts related to those spills. I have the expertise to assess the impacts related to the spill and to determine if any impact would have been warranted because of the accident including if in fact any reported health outcomes were also warranted. Travel expenses are typically always kept at minimum for out of state attorney clients.


B.S.BiochemistryThe College of Saint Rose
M.S.ChemistryClarkson University
Ph.D.Environmental Science & EngineeringClarkson University

Licenses Certifications

Awards & Affiliation

Appearance in SUCCESS Magazine – consulting for Health
amp; Greener Environment Winner Officer for Secretariat International Society and Exposure Science Air amp; Waste Management Association
Young Professional of the Year
American Association for Aerosol Research Society
Outstanding Poster Presentation Award
Biological fuel cell development

Primary Affiliation

Environmental Standards Organization (IESO) Research Committee

Partial List of Consulting Expert Witness Cases