Early in 2013, ForensisGroup’s CEO Mercy Tolentino Steenwyk was featured on Viewpoints with Terry Bradshaw, a nationally syndicated television program. During the segment, she discusses the methods that her company utilizes to provide attorneys, law firms, and other public and private companies with the highly qualified experts, expert witnesses, and consultants.

Expert Witness Referral andConsulting Firm ForensisGroup featured on Viewpoints with Terry Bradshaw

Partial transcript follows:

Bradshaw: I am Terry Bradshaw. Please join me as I leave the field for the boardroom in search of the best and the brightest people willing to share their viewpoints.

Experts are used in a wide range of litigation today.  In most jurisdictions, expert witnesses are required by law for cases involving negligence or malpractice.  Experts are also used in complex cases where the issues involved are not easily understood by a layperson.   In other instances, expert testimony is necessary to offset an opposing legal team’s arguments. As seen in many cases, the expert witness’s opinion and testimony can carry great weight in the final outcome of litigation.

Mercy Tolentino Steenwyk is the President and CEO of ForensisGroup, a consulting expert and expert witness referral company.

Mercy: An expert is a person who by virtue of education, training and experience can deliver the most authoritative opinions about the facts of the case. The expert witness is not an advocate but can make or break a case. Therefore, prequalification or customized help in finding the right expert witness in the right discipline is critical.

Bradshaw: Steenwyk founded the Pasadena, California-based company in 1991. Many of the nation’s law firms, insurance companies, government entities and public and private firms are turning to services of ForensisGroup to make the process of hiring an expert witness simple. Today, ForensisGroup provides over 2,000 consultants, experts and expert witnesses in a wide range of disciplines throughout the US. These disciplines include engineering, construction, business, medical, real estate, insurance, intellectual property, finance, accounting, safety, all areas of science and others.

Mercy: ForensisGroup takes on a multi-disciplined approach referring our clients to several experts and expert witnesses whose disciplines may have an impact on the various issues of the case. Our clients then benefit from free initial discussions with the experts gaining better scientific and technical knowledge or clarification about their case at no cost.

Bradshaw: The company’s success in providing experts and expert witnesses in over 10,000 cases begins with the selective screening process.

Mercy: We have a highly qualified group of consultants, experts and expert witnesses who have been through our vetting process. Our experts do not pay to be a part of our resource group; rather they are independent contractors. This gives us the freedom to deliver only the most qualified subject matter academics, executives, scientists and technical specialists.

Bradshaw: Steenwyk advises attorneys looking for experts and expert witnesses to do so early in the litigation process because an expert can shed light as to what really happened from a technical or scientific standpoint.

Attorney Paul Marks, Partner at the Los Angeles-based Neufeld, Marks & Gralnek law firm utilizes ForensisGroup to find credible expert witnesses.

Paul Marks, Esq.: Well, an expert witness can truly make or break a case and although many outfits have impressive rosters of expert witnesses, what ForensisGroup does is to thoroughly pre-screen all of their experts so the lawyer can be assured that when you’re well into the litigation, there won’t be any unfortunate surprises.

Bradshaw: Attorney Steven Yee, Founding and Managing Partner of Yee & Belilove also sees Forensis Group as a valuable resource.

Steven Yee, Esq.: My firm turned to ForensisGroup because we needed a more efficient, cost-effective way to find quality experts and expert witnesses. Normally, people turn to the Internet or to colleagues and neither method is particularly efficient. So Forensis gives you three experts with curriculum vitae and rate schedules in five hours. There’s no better way to do it. I’ve used them ever since.

Bradshaw: ForensisGroup is recognized as the go-to firm for complex litigation cases. The company has recruited experts and expert witnesses in some of the most hard-to-find, highly specialized and unique disciplines for large cases nationwide.

Mercy: Fourteen workers were injured because of an explosion at a manufacturing facility. Our client requested an architect; however, we also referred a metallurgist and a chemical engineer specializing in ammonia refrigeration. The experts determined the cause of the explosion resulting in a favorable resolution of the case.

Bradshaw: As the legal environment becomes ever more complex, the need for experts and expert witnesses is expected to grow. Matching legal teams with credible expert witnesses, ForensisGroup will continue to play a leading role as a premier expert witness referral company.