On July 26, 2018, ForensisGroup’s CEO Mercy Tolentino Steenwyk was interviewed again on Moving America Forward, an in-depth television program that airs nationally on television.

Expert Witness Referral Firm ForensisGroup featured again on Moving America Forward *NEW

Transcript follows:

Doug Llewelyn: I’m Doug Llewelyn and welcome to Moving America Forward. In courtrooms all across the country, it is often the testimony of an expert who makes or breaks the case. Today we feature Mercy Tolentino Steenwyk and her team at ForensisGroup, a company that specializes in bringing together the best minds so that they can help uncover the truth of what really happened. ForensisGroup is based in Pasadena, California. They work with attorneys, insurance companies, government agencies and all types of other private and public companies across the nation, to bring them the right expert or consultant for the job. Mercy has also created the ForensisGroup Give Back Program which helps fund educational scholarships and nutrition programs for children in developing countries. She and her firm have a passion for giving back, for being socially responsible and helping to improve people’s lives.

Mercy Steenwyk: It was an ordinary day at a manufacturing facility, people are working machines are humming and then all of a sudden there’s this big loud explosion. Total darkness, total chaos, total confusion as everyone scrambled around for dear life. When the dust settled, 14 people were injured and a substantial loss of property, of income, of productivity, and of jobs. That’s when ForensisGroup comes in, where we partner with our clients, the lawyers to find out what really happened. We provide the best expert, the best mind who will then deliver their most objective technical analysis, bring science to unveil the facts and uncover the truth so that we can prevent these future damages and improve people’s lives. That is our company mission, our why, that is why we do what we do. 

Nora Paller Executive Coach and Chair, Vistage: ForensisGroup’s been involved with Vistage, Mercy in particular for about 16 years and her goal is to become a better CEO, and that’s what I do. I coach 35 businesses in the LA area and Mercy’s business ForensisGroup stands out because of their social purpose. 

Josh Lau Executive Director, Youth Business Alliance: So the way that YBA and ForensisGroup partner up, is: 

A- ForensisGroup hosts field trips for YBA,

B- Mercy several times a year will go speak at several of our schools and she’ll share about her path, her journey especially being a female minority entrepreneur and 

C- Mercy sits on our board, so they sponsor several schools every year in terms of our programs and operations and she helps us when it comes to events, you know committees and helping us to kind of run our day-to-day operation.

Mercy Steenwyk: In the last 20 years we have given the gift of education to those who need it the most, children in developing countries. We also have our nutrition program in the town of Lubao in the Philippines, wherein we have someone prepare healthy and nutritious meals two times a week to feed the malnourished children in that town. That’s how we improve people’s lives, that’s how we create a positive social impact, change [the] human experience for the better and move the world forward. That’s how we make a difference.

Doug Llewelyn: That’s it for this edition of Moving America Forward. For more information on how to find the best expert and consultant, or how to apply to be an expert for ForensisGroup, go to ForensisGroup.com. Join us each week as we bring you the entrepreneurs who move America forward. Thanks for watching.