ForensisGroup, the nation’s leading expert witness and consulting services company, was featured on the television program Viewpoints with Terry Bradshaw on May 15th, 2013. The segment was broadcast nationally on Discovery Channel Transponder as well as broadcast on several regional cable networks. During the feature, ForensisGroup CEO Mercy Tolentino Steenwyk shed light on the importance of expert witnesses and reveals how ForensisGroup has helped match clients with consultants and expert witnesses in over 10,000 cases.

“Through professional experience and education, experts can deliver the most authoritative opinion about the facts of a case,” explains Steenwyk. “Since an expert witness can truly make or break a case, prequalification or customized help finding the right expert in the right discipline is critical.”

Hiring an expert can often be expensive and time-consuming, but ForensisGroup has streamlined this process. Since 1991, ForensisGroup has provided many of the nation’s top law firms, insurance companies, government entities, as well as other public and private firms with highly qualified experts in a variety of disciplines including engineering, construction, real estate, medical, intellectual property and others.

ForensisGroup takes a multi-discipline approach to expert witness referral, matching their clients with several  experts whose disciplines could impact the case. Clients can then benefit from free initial discussions with the experts, gaining better scientific knowledge and clarification at no cost. Over time, there has grown a greater demand for highly specialized, hard-to-find experts in unique disciplines. ForensisGroup has welcomed this challenge and has become recognized as the go-to firm for complex cases. By recruiting the top expert witnesses in the nation, ForensisGroup has persistently met and exceeded clients’ demand for top experts.

“Our experts do not pay to be a part of our resource group, rather they are independent contractors. This gives us the freedom to deliver only the most qualified academics, executives, scientists and technical specialists,” stated Steenwyk.

Unlike other expert witness services, ForensisGroup has never been content to simply offer a large roster of names. Clients know that every expert has been thoroughly vetted. It’s no wonder that clients return again and again to ForensisGroup for their expert witness needs.

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About ForensisGroup

Founded in 1991, ForensisGroup is chosen every day by attorneys, insurance professionals, and other private and public agencies because the company has the most highly qualified group of forensic experts, consultants, and witnesses. ForensisGroup also features a stress-free expert witness selection and retention process. The company offers a highly select group of over 2,000 consultants, experts, expert witnesses, forensic experts, and investigators in construction, engineering, intellectual property (IP), insurance, finance, business, computers, science, and other technical disciplines, throughout the United States.

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