Solar Engergy Expert 97466 CA(S)

Expertise Description

I have more than 30 years of experience in Electrical Contracting and Solar Energy. I have directed the design and installation of major residential electrical and electronic systems, as well as: back up electrical power, conventional and photovoltaic, wiring, computer network wiring, and also the development and implementation of both thermal and electric solar energy systems. I have performed initial system analysis, hardware and software design and final configuration performance evaluations associated with complex large-scale computer-controlled automated systems.

Additionally, I have experience with horse behavior and training over 30 years with equine riding and training. I have served as a horse expert in over three dozen legal cases involving horses and horse facilities. I have assisted in drafting guidelines for equestrian usage for a city park, performed numerous remedial horse behavior workshops oriented towards a variety of horse riding and handling disciplines. I also do mounted patrols for law enforcement and train officers and horses for duty. I have prior expert witness experience.