Dental Malpractice and Opioid Prescription Expert NY 460263

Expertise Description

I have more than 20 years of experience in practicing Dentistry with extensive expertise as a Dental Malpractice expert. I have assisted in the litigation of dental cases ranging from (a) wrongful death, (b) dental pharmacology errors (c) dental laser burns (d) implant infections and dental fraud. I have participated in depositions and courtroom testimony. I also teach CE-courses to Dentists and Pharmacists focusing on Dental Opioid use, Dental Opioid Prescription Malpractice, Dental fraud, Dental Pharmacology, misdiagnosed and poorly treated dental infections, and Dental antibiotic prophylaxis protocols and errors. I have served as Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Medical Officer in a Laser Infectious Disease R&D photobiology company and have been granted US, Canadian, European and Chinese patents on multiple light-based medical devices. I have served as plaintiff, defendant and expert witness in patent litigation, patent infringement litigation and have experience in patent analysis and claims construction. I am also a Biochemist and Photo-Biologist that has designed and completed human clinical testing on multiple laser technologies for use in antimicrobial therapy and in the treatment of multi-drug resistant bacterial infections such as MRSA. I have over 15 years of expert witness experience with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.