Expert 518647 - CO

Expertise Description

I have more than 15 years experience as an electrical engineer with a focus in academic and industrial research, product development, technical and strategic management, and intellectual property matters. I have a unique, vertically integrated technical knowledge base that spans semiconductor (device) physics, electronic circuits and systems, and wireless communication systems and signal processing. I am a subject matter expert in RF circuits and systems. In particular, I have successfully executed several advanced research and product development programs in highly and efficient RF transmitters and transmitter architecture.

Expert 518383 - OR

Expertise Description

I have more than 40 years of Engineering experience, with an expertise in electronic and electromechanical instrumentation design. I am skilled in design of molded plastic, sheet metal, extrusions and castings, as well as current rapid prototyping processes. I have been the owner of an engineering firm which provides design, evaluation, and problem-solving for more than 40 clients in electronics, sports fitness, and medical mobility. I have had prior experience as Chair to a mechanical engineering advisory board for a university. I led a team of 6 industry experts to review course improvements and assure relevant metrics for attaining and keeping accreditation.

Expert 128605 - NY

Expertise Description

I have over 50 years experience in Microwave/Microwaves. I have experience with microwave products and applications and developed numerous microwavable products and processes, My expertise includes microwave oven technology, microwave packaging technology, microwave food product development, microwave product testing, designing the microwave product testing laboratory, microwave product hazards, microwave heating fundamentals, industrial microwave, burns, and RF heating technology, applications of microwaves in the food industry, industrial heating applications of microwaves, and industrial drying of solids with microwave and Radio Frequency (RF). I have more than 30 years expert witness experience with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

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