Semiconductor Expert 396272 CO

Expertise Description

I have more than 25 years experience in the fields of Semiconductor, electronic, optical, information display, and optoelectronic technology development. I have contributed to several industries, including communications, consumer electronics, mobile handsets, information displays, engineering services, and defense electronics. I have an extensive background with intellectual development, start-up development of new technology platforms, product development and commercialization, staffing and team building, general management, company acquisition and integration, business development, facilities development, integrated circuit fabrication, and manufacturing operations. My additional experience includes high brightness light-emitting diodes, wireless handsets, mobile devices, image sensors, camera phones, camera modules, wireless networking, wireless device applications, nanotechnology, carbon nanotubes, organic electronics, solid state lighting, printed electronics and displays, flexible electronics, electronic paper, and electrophoretic displays. I have prior expert witness experience.