Computer Security Expert 508854 AL

Expertise Description

I have more than 20 years of experience in the Computer Science industry with expertise in the identification of security problems. My work primarily involves identifying trends in fraud and computing before they affect the market, and to develop and test countermeasures, whether technical or based on user interaction or education. I am the inventor of more than 100 patents. My PhD is in theoretical computer science, but my later emphasis has been on applied security, including authentication, click-fraud, mobile malware detection, and the development of metrics to detect new types of fraud. I developed the academic discipline of phishing research; built an understanding of how typical users react to common security measures, and I created methods to heuristically measure the success of security solutions that were designed with typical user behavior in mind. I developed novel natural language processing techniques and associated spam filters that exhibit dramatically lower error rates than traditional spam filters. I have served as testifying expert witness in an array of patent litigation cases stretching from digital rights management and hardware-based security to mobile security and secure messaging, further feeding my awareness. I have over 10 years of expert witness experience with consultation, deposition, and courtroom testimony.