Entomology Expert Witness 38833 AL

Expertise Description

I have worked as a biologist with entomology, insect, mite and pest control issues for over four decades. My areas of expertise include insect biology and pest management, and insect control technology in both agricultural and urban settings. I have additional experience in beekeeping and honeybee/bee sting cases. My expert witness experience includes: Powderpost beetle infestation of wood panels, flooring; Structural damage of personal residence/condos by wood-boring beetles; Stored food/grain infestation by Indianmeal Moth and Cowpea Weevils.; Bee sting injury evaluation; Scabies infestation of nursing home patients; and Pesticide injury (methyl bromide fumigant). I have provided consultations, courtroom testimony, and deposition for more than 15 years as an entomology expert witness.