soccerLike everyone else in the world, ForensisGroup has come down with a severe case of World Cup Fever.  That got us thinking: many of our experts are actually involved in the world of soccer! Yes, even a professional expert witness service company like ForensisGroup gets a taste of the World Cup action. How is this possible? What does legislation have to do with soccer? Read on to find out!

Did you know that the World Cup has its very own team of safety professionals? If you’ve been following the games, you probably noticed the many injuries and fouls taking place within the field. These things, of course, are best avoided, which is why a sports complex safety professional, such as the ones in our premier group of experts, is recruited for the task. In fact, one of our safety expert witnesses was on board for the 1994 World Cup exactly 20 years ago, looking out for both the players and their fans!

And because you can’t have a soccer game without a soccer ball, a sports equipment safety expert is integral to the game.  We happen to have such an expert at our disposal, one who has worked with basketball, hockey, and most importantly soccer equipment.

Aside from the soccer ball, you’ll need a stadium to play the game in. With that in mind, we even have a construction expert who coordinated the design of a $100 Million soccer stadium.  Safe design and construction is an integral part of the game.

And if the World Cup isn’t exciting enough for you, we also have an Athletic Trainer among our experts from the 1984 Olympic Games, or more specifically, the Olympic Soccer & Track & Field!  We at ForensisGroup work with Olympic-sized experts in the most literal sense of the word.

Traveling to the World Cup? Working behind the scenes are experts in Tourism Security, making sure the fans have a safe and pleasant stay while cheering on their favorite team. In fact, one of ForensisGroup’s tourism safety and security experts is working with the police department in Rio de Janiero as we speak for the 2014 World Cup Games.

And with further safety in mind, we have a plethora of qualified medical experts in addition to these many unique areas of disciplines, ready to address sports injury in various legal matters.

So be safe, happy watching, and Go Team USA!!