Film Production Expert 320891 CA(S)

Expertise Description

I have 15 years experience with film production as a film consultant / international production as a production company owner / operator. I have hands-on experience with complex combinations of international and domestic co-finance and co-production structures, multi-currency equity investment deals, bank gap finance, discount and cashflow of minimum guarantees and tax credits, post production and cgi facilties investment deals and conflict resolution, international letters of credit, European / UK tax rebates qualifying film structures and audits, European value added tax conflict resolution, international location and local crew, bond company closing and conflict resolution, bonded technical and legal delivery conflict resolution, third party collection conflict resolution, Global Rule One union residuals conflict resolution, assumption letters conflict resolution, international distributors and pre-sales, sales agent, domestic theatrical and dvd presales, front title credit conflict resolution, non-union writers conflict resolution, and options conflict resolution.

Areas of Expertise

Consulting Experience

My consulting services include filmography projects, project development, debt and equity finance, international and domestic pre-sales and distribution deals, international co-production structuring, physical production, executive oversight / management, and bonded delivery and collection of revenues.


Bachelor of ArtsTranspersonal Psychology Media CommunicationSonoma State University

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