Finance Expert Witness 532583

Expertise Description

I have worked in finance for more than two decades. My expertise is in operational risk, risk management, project management, compliance assessment, operations management, operational controls & governance, process improvement, strategic planning, client engagement, and regulatory compliance. I am offering my services as a finance expert witness.

Areas of Expertise

Relevant Experiences

I worked at the Euroclear HQ in Brussels, Belgium from 1996 until 1999 as a full time employee. At that time, JP Morgan held the management and credit relationship contracts with Euroclear and I was asked to transfer there from the US. I ran an EOC participant customer service desk comprised of 10 multinational employees who fielded questions regarding any action within the EOC system (ie settlement, timing, securities custody, fails, etc…). This required us to work with virtually every department within EOC in a problem-solving, participant facing capacity. I subsequently joined the internal project team responsible for converting participant securities and transactions to the Euro currency. I left EOC when JP Morgan Chase and EOC decided to spin EOC to a wholly-owned Bank at the time of the EUR conversion.


Degree Subject Institution
B.S. Business Administration/Finance/Marketing Drexel University – Philadelphia PA