Fire Cause And Origin Expert 20716 CA(N)

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I have over 30 years experience in automotive issues. My areas of expertise include brake systems and failures, seat belt and air bag issues, fire cause and origin, theft and forced entry issues, steering and suspension systems, tire separation and failure, mechanical defects, throttle/unwanted acceleration issues. I have more than 20 years expert witness experience with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

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Not only have I been inspecting mechanical failures incidents on anything that has an engine including automobiles, big trucks, motorcycles, boats, farming equipment and construction machinery, I have also testified under oath in many cases. I have taken apart and reassembled wiring systems in Porsches, inspect reported failures in the steering, suspension, brakes systems, etc. and had to determine fire points of origin and fire causes in many of these beautiful vehicles.

I have also instructed many students for The Porsche Club of America. Additionally, I was involved in testing race tires for Toyo Tires and BF Goodrich. I currently run a 225/50R15 and a 245/40/T17 soft tire compound race tires.

I have been performing forensic brake examinations for over 17 years. I have been involved in examining and analyzing brake components on vehicles that have had moderate to severe impact trauma to the brake system and many other systems. I have been deposed and testified in Court regarding brake issues and many other vehicle-related cases. Prior to my present position, I owned a repair shop and did countless brake services of all makes and models of vehicles. Also, I am involved in car racing and have taken apart, repaired and replaced every brake component, in every condition imaginable, in many different models of race cars for over 20 years.

I have inspected brake components that support disc, drum, air, and standard brakes for more than 25 years.  My area of expertise involve all vehicles including tractor trailers, transit buses, motorcycles, farm equipment, and construction equipment.  I have given sworn testimony at deposition, arbitration and in Court regarding cases that involved brake failures, repair errors and manufacturing defects as well as human error. I have also owned a professional race team backed by Chevrolet where the brake systems were in need of constant attention due to the stresses placed upon race cars during high mileage and braking demands. I also own two semi-tractors that tow trailers that transport race cars and racing equipment. 

In addition to owning a car repair shop, I have performed countless inspections of automobiles in repair shops across the state and know the safety procedures of many repair chains and shops. I am also an expert witness who has appeared at deposition and in court in well over 200 cases.

I am very knowledgeable when it comes to Hondas, especially the Civic and the Accord.



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National Association of Fire Investigators

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