Expert 58981 - CA(S)

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  • Expertise Description

    I have 35 years experience in food and hospitality, specializing in food service programs with experience as a food broker, multi-unit restaurant manager, concessions manager, and in institutional public school operations. My expertise includes: personnel management; distribution and bids; cafeteria design and layout; food service ergonomics; regulation compliance; budgeting; financial analysis and planning; purchasing; sanitation control procedures; wellness plans; safety procedures; and operational analysis.

    Areas of Expertise

    Consulting Experience

    My consulting experience includes: Contracted to enhance school food service programs; Represented school directorship in touring and evaluating food manufacturers facilities while participating in staff development and management training programs; Conducted seminars on a variety of subjects related to the hospitality industry.

    Professional Experiences


    Bachelor Degree of ScienceHospitalityUniversity of Missouri School of Hotel and Restaurant

    Licenses Certifications

    Certified Computer Technology Specialist
    Safety Management Certified
    American Food Service Association
    Nutrition Specialist

    Awards & Affiliation

    Primary Affiliation

    American Food Service Association

    Partial List of Consulting Expert Witness Cases