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I have over 35 years experience in the field of Foodservice and Hospitality. My extensive experience includes turn around and restructuring, lease negotiation, commercial lease negotiations, best practices assessment, restaurant valuation and appraisal, investor procurement and relations, feasibility and concept viability, earnings potential, RFP bid process, loyalty and dining card programs, tip allocations, employee meals and benefits, management agreements and contracts, distressed properties, brand and concept obsolescence, brand development, reasonable care standards, loss future profits, orderly liquidation value (OLV) appraisal, and going out of business (GOB) analysis. I have more than 25 years of expert witness experience with consultation, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

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I am not a formal Professor, but was an Adjunct Instructor in Foodservice and Hospitality at prestigious California universities. I have worked extensively in Brand Strategy for Restaurant chains and do a seminar on the subject.

I have prior testimonial experience and an extensive Brand Development component of my consulting practice.

Retail has been approximately 10% of my practice historically. I wrote a book on home meal replacement 15 years ago focused on the grocery segment. I have also done seminars on that subject that correlated to my book.

I do not specialize in the full-service supermarket segment, but have a good general working knowledge of retail as it relates to foodservice.

In conjunction with my foodservice, hospitality and retail consulting practice, I have developed specific marketing, design and operations programs and systems for retail applications. I have analyzed and negotiated dozens of leases and joint venture agreements in the hospitality area for hotels, and restaurants with retail. I have good ‘general knowledge’ of the operational and marketing dynamics of retail in the grocery segment.

As a restauranteur, consultant and expert, I have done expert work in valuation previously and understand the methodology, and am confident I can simplify and clarify the key issues.

I see no problem with the venue (NY) as these issues are common in the industry. Glad to expand on these thoughts with counsel as appropriate.

I started my foodservice career in this area of San Francisco. I have also been a contract operator for 2 restaurants in the City, and have now—and have had–multiple clients in San Francisco over the years. As an owner/operator myself in the coast area south of San Francisco for 23 years, I have a real world experience and perspective that serves me well in terms of credibility.


B.S.EconomicsOregon State University

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California Restaurant Association

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