Forensic Accounting Expert 169875 CA(S)

Expertise Description

I have more than 25 year of experience in Forensic Accounting. I have reviewed financial records, pleadings, deposition testimony, discovery responses, and other evidence to estimate economic damages, lost profits, and lost earnings. I have also assisted in preparing discovery demands. My civil case exposure includes fraud, breach of contract, negligence, intellectual property, wrongful termination or death, and personal injury and accidents. Cases have involved different industries including: government agencies, manufacturing/distribution/retail, banking, insurance, and real estate. I have prior expert witness experience.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes: Lost earnings and profits; Personal injury; Accident; Product defect; Wrongful termination or death; Economic damages; Breach of contract, fiduciary or accounting duties; Accounting irregularities; Negligence; Conversion of records; Fraud; Trust, Estate, Bankruptcy dispute; Church/non-profit dispute; Partnership dispute; Restaurant partnership dispute; Real estate property LLC partnership dispute; Real estate dispute; Property management company dispute; Homeowner's association dispute; Appraisal dispute; Residential construction, Contractor, Lease dispute, or Property damage dispute; Lost rental income, damaged property; Insurance fraud, defense, or claims; Loan, Lending, Credit, Subprime mortgage, Business valuation dispute; Family law.

Consulting Experience

My consulting services include mostly litigation or pre-litigation: Corporate finance, Forecasting, Modeling, Budgeting, Insurance, Real estate, Banking, Investments, Securities, Asset/liability management, Financial reporting, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reporting, Acquisitions due diligence, Lending, Credit, General ledger, Internal controls, Internal audit, Quickbooks Pro, Generally accepted accounting principles, Other general accounting.

Relevant Experiences

I have lost profits and lost earnings experience, including on various cases involving mold and/or water damage. I am a CPA/MBA forensic and investigative accountant while having worked on a broad range of different types of partnership, business, trust, estate and family law related disputes, including but not limited to banking/real estate/insurance/retail-mfg-distribution, etc. A substantial amount of work involves tracing through various financial records, including banking, financial, general ledger and tax records and other underlying business records in order to prepare complex calculations, projections and exhibits.

I am familiar with and am qualified to evaluate insurance records, medical benefits EOB statements, provider billing statements and insurance reimbursements, etc. I did once assist an insurance company (defense side) on a fraudulent casualty claim and also have general insurance background (license in accident/health although I do not sell insurance). And of course substantial experience as forensic accountant reviewing analyzing and tracing through all form of individual, corporate, partnership, tax, payroll, and numerous other types of financial records in general.

I am qualified to calculate past and future lost earnings on behalf of the electrician who suffered injuries in an auto accident. I have done several lost earnings and lost profits cases that involved personal injury/auto accident, […].  I also have substantial experience in real estate and real estate related cases, which would make me qualified to look at and make sense of financial statements etc. for an electrician/sub contractor type individual.

I have had experience on estate and trust type cases. One involved mismanagement by a sibling of a trust acting under POA during a period where the other sibling was hospitalized under section 5150. Another involved a trustee over an estate being accused of mismanaging trust assets by children of the deceased parent. As to the definition of whether trustee met the fiduciary duty, that’s more of a legal question than a CPA question – depends on the specific powers the trustee had, etc. As CPA, I would probably suspect that if self-dealing happened on the insider purchase (by trustee) of the real property, other self-dealing may have occurred as well with respect to other trust assets.


Degree Subject Institution
M.B.A. Business Administration – Finance and International Economics University of California at Berkeley
B.S. Business Administration and Accounting University of California at Berkeley

Licenses Certifications

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) – CA
Life-Only; Accident and Health; Resident Insurance License