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Our business expert witnesses have helped protect intellectual property, recover lost wages, make accounting more transparent and streamline regulations.

Our engineering and construction expert witnesses have helped make oil platforms and buildings safer, trains and traffic run more efficiently and electrical grids more resilient to natural disasters.

Our environmental expert witnesses have helped make the air cleaner, forests more productive, energy grids smarter and the world a better place to live.

Our science expert witnesses have helped make medical procedures safer, kept harmful bacteria and chemicals out of the food we eat and made industrial plants cleaner.

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Hire the best experts fast, before opposing counsel does.

Our commitment to knowing each expert witness and understanding what makes them perfect for your case has saved attorneys and clients time, money and untold sleepless nights. Let us connect you with thousands of fully-vetted experts in nearly every discipline, ready to uncover the truth and help make your case.



Expert witnesses with experience in some of the world's largest, most complex legal actions.


Industry-leading expert witnesses referred in nearly every discipline.


From the top law firms and businesses to insurance companies, government entities, and consultants.

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Got a complex, multi-disciplined, multi-expert case? We’ve been there and done that.



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