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Business Expert Witnesses

Creating a more just world, one business expert witness at a time.

Our business expert witnesses have helped protect intellectual property, recover lost wages, make accounting more transparent and streamline regulations. ForensisGroup expert witnesses aren’t just industry experts. They’re the experts you want on your side. And only your side.

Experts in nearly every field of business including:

  • Advertising & Marketing

  • Business Mergers

  • Computer Engineering

  • Contract Disputes / Bad Faith

  • Economic Damages

  • Entertainment

  • Freight Forwarding / Trucking

  • Insurance Underwriting / Insurance Brokerage

  • Intellectual Property

  • Internet

  • Labor and Employment

  • Manufacturing / Supply Chain / Logistics

  • Regulatory Issues

  • Technology

  • Wage Loss Benefits

Hire the best experts fast, before opposing counsel does.

Our commitment to knowing each expert witness and understanding what makes them perfect for your case has saved attorneys and clients time, money and untold sleepless nights. Let us connect you with thousands of fully-vetted experts in nearly every business discipline, ready to uncover the truth and help make your case.

You request an expert witness, we take care of every detail. No cost or obligation until retention.



Expert witnesses with experience in some of the world's largest, most complex legal actions.


Industry-leading expert witnesses referred in nearly every discipline.


From the top law firms and businesses to insurance companies, government entities, and consultants.

years in business

Got a complex, multi-disciplined, multi-expert case? We’ve been there and done that.



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