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Freight Forwarding / Trucking Expert Witnesses

ForensisGroup offers a wide range of fully-vetted freight forwarding and trucking expert witnesses in all areas including trade compliance, the trucking industry, transportation, freight logistics, trade customs, supply chain management, U.S. and foreign tariffs, industry practices, freight classifications, physical distribution management, shipping dock operations, transportation economics, and other areas like the transportation of refrigerated goods, freight operations and automated freight tracking systems.

Our freight forwarding expert witnesses have worked in transporting and managing freight in industries such as heavy equipment and machinery, pharmaceuticals, aviation, and consumer goods. They are experts with issues of freight loss and freight damage prevention. In addition, they have consulted on cases of maximum loads, hazardous material loads, and long-haul truck driving. Our experts have worked as licensed customs brokers, directors of compliance, and logistics managers for trucking and shipping lines.

Our trucking expert witnesses are often retained in traffic or transportation related litigation by attorneys and insurance professionals. The trucking industry has a set of rules and regulations that are enforced. Trucks are used for transporting heavy equipment, construction materials, consumer goods, and hazardous materials. Traffic laws and regulatory compliance must be followed by businesses in the trucking industry.

Safety compliance is an integral aspect of the trucking industry since a truck accident can have many repercussions. Truck drivers must go through training to learn transportation safety and how to avoid truck accidents when on the road. Commercial trucks require a specific type of maintenance and repair for safety, whether it is for unloading systems, tractor-trailers, tow trucks, rigging, forklifts, or other types of machinery. Special precautions must also be taken regarding the cargo and shipping of each truck, as there may be hazardous materials involved. The distribution of such products may require special packaging or HAZMAT equipment. This area of the field is so important, in fact, that trucking repair and maintenance is often considered its very own industry.

Our commitment to knowing each freight forwarding and trucking expert witness and our experience in selecting the perfect experts for your case will save you and your clients time and money while providing peace of mind.

Top freight forwarding and trucking expert witnesses are a simple request form away.

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