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Cause and Origin Expert Witnesses

Cause and Origin expert witnesses are an essential aspect of numerous cases, since cause and origin investigations are used in a wide range of fire-related incidents.

Cause and origin expert consulting may prove beneficial for cases involving such issues as fire cause and origin, firefighting, fire protection, arson investigation, building fires, explosions, the petroleum industry, law enforcement, mechanical engineering, accident reconstruction, failure analysis, automotive defects, fire control, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, plastics engineering, manufacturing engineering, building science architecture and numerous other disciplines.

Since fires may be caused by such a varied array of factors, it is imperative that the right cause and origin expert is selected for your case. Cause and origin experts are often highly skilled with various fire-related issues, such as fire resistance, fire prevention systems, industrial fires, and other such areas.

Cause and origin expert witnesses are also often experienced with facility management, building maintenance, boilers, mechanical ventilation, fiberglass, hydraulics semiconductor equipment, heating ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) and other mechanical systems and equipment which may be revealed as a possible factor in a fire cause and origin investigation.

Cause and origin cases may also pertain to the construction industry, since construction damages and construction defects may contribute to unexpected fires.

Our commitment to knowing each expert and what makes them perfect for your case will save you and your clients time and money while providing peace of mind.

ForensisGroup offers a wide range of fully-vetted Cause and Origin expert witnesses with a simple request form.

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Cause and Origin Expertises (134)

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Accident Investigation

Aerosol Can

Automobile Accidents

Automotive Engineering

Ballistics and Firearms

Boating Accidents

Building Fires

Causation Analysis

Chemical Accidents

Chemical Reaction


Electrical Accidents

Electrical Fires




Fire Damages

Fire Insurance

Fire Retardants


Fossil Fuel

General Liability Insurance


Hazardous Chemicals

Heat Release Rate

Hotel Wrongful Death

Industrial Accidents



Machine Safety

Mechanical Failure

Microwave Injuries

Oil and Gas Fires and Explosions

Pool Fires

Risk Management

Safety Engineering

Safety Warnings


Sprinklers and Irrigation

Truck Accidents

Utility Poles

Vehicle Fire Origin and Cause

Video Analysis

Wildlife Management

Workplace Safety

Accident Prevention

Appliance Fires

Automotive Accidents

Automotive Lighting

Biomechanical Engineering

Boating Safety


Cause and Origin

Chemical Fires and Explosions

Coefficient of Friction

Crime Scene Investigation

Electrical Codes

Electrical Injuries

Engine Failure


Fire Alarm System

Fire Engine

Fire Protection

Fire Safety Science

Flammability Codes and Standards

Fuel Systems


Hazard Control

Hazardous Materials

High Voltage


Industrial Equipment Damage

Labels and Warnings


Machinery Maintenance

Mechanical Systems

National Electric Safety Code (NESC)

Personal Injury

Residential Fires

Safety and Security

Safety Management

Security and Alarm Systems

Smoke Inhalation

Thermal Analysis and Testing

Truck Fires


Vehicular Homicide


Worker Safety

Wrongful Death

Accident Reconstruction


Automotive Electronics

Aviation Fires

Boat Fires

Brush Fire

Casualty Insurance

Cause of Death

Chemical Plant Management


Damage Assessment

Electrical Defects

Electrical Inspections

Environmental Hazards

Failure Analysis

Fire Cause and Origin Investigations

Fire Equipment

Fire Resistance

Fire Suppression Systems

Flammable Liquids

Gas Piping


Hazard Warnings


Home Safety

Indoor Mold

Industrial Fires

Laser Safety

Lithium Battery

Marine Firefighting

Microwave Fires

Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA)

Playground Safety

Risk Assessment

Safety Compliance

Safety Testing

Site Inspection

Spontaneous Combustion

Thermal Radiation

Utility Accidents

Vehicle Accident


Wildfire Management

Workplace Accidents

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