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Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) / Industrial Engineering Expert Witnesses

Despite even the best-laid plans, accidents do happen in the workplace. Depending on the severity and the consequences of a workplace accident, it can end up in a legal action, and the stakes can be very high. Whatever the nature of your case, it is important to get an occupational safety expert involved who can cut through the speculation surrounding the case and get to the truth.

Different workplaces have different types of hazards, each with its own set of considerations and complexities. It is important to seek out an expert witness with specialized knowledge of the industry that is involved in your case so that the facts can be properly sorted out. ForensisGroup offers experts who specialize in various areas of concern such as construction, floor safety, security, trips and falls, weather-related accidents, air quality, the occupational safety health administration, environmental concerns, hazardous materials, chemicals, roofing, ADA requirements, concrete, roads, zoning, safety hazards, vehicular accidents, explosions, mining, accident prevention safety and much more.

Our highly qualified, fully-vetted professionals include safety engineers, geologists, civil engineers, building contractors, building and materials inspectors, attorneys, chemists, accident prevention experts and other professionals who can function as an occupational safety (OSHA) expert witnesses in your court case.

Industrial engineering expert witnesses are often called upon to offer expert opinions on lawsuits involving safety-related matters, such as hazardous tasks and workplace environments. The goals of an industrial engineer include determining the most efficient manner of operation while maintaining workplace safety. Employees, finances, machinery, and technological systems are each optimized by industrial engineers to create the most sufficient means of industrial production, whether the particular industry is providing a service or manufacturing products.

Professional liability, product liability, intellectual property, personal injury, and other such issues may all be related to a lawsuit involving industrial engineering. Expert witnesses in this area may also be asked to assess a situation based on an accident investigation and reconstruction, as occupational safety and health (OSHA) is an integral aspect of the field. Security, safety management, and safety warnings must be properly implemented throughout the industrial engineering field to ensure both customer and worker safety.

Our commitment to knowing each expert witness and our experience in selecting the perfect experts for your case will save you and your clients time and money while providing peace of mind.

ForensisGroup offers a wide range of fully-vetted Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) and Industrial Engineering Expert Witnesses with a simple request form.

Request an Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) / Industrial Engineering expert witness.

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