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Product Liability Expert Witnesses

Product failures come in many forms: mechanical failures, design defect, electrical fires, improper maintenance and more. But who is liable for the failure? Sorting through these technical issues requires a product liability expert witness with applicable knowledge of the product in question, who can objectively weigh out the facts of the case and provide expert testimony that cuts through the speculation.

ForensisGroup offers fully-vetted product liability expert witnesses who specialize in a wide range of disciplines and areas of expertise including forensic engineering, agricultural equipment, failure analysis, root cause analysis, glass, ceramics, material science, construction defects, food safety, mechanical inspections, electrical fires, water heaters, consumer products, and much more. This might include a manufacturing consultant, mechanical engineer, metallurgical engineer, failure analysis investigator, technical expert, medical device designer and tester, power tool designer and tester, production line designer, industrial or consumer product developer, forensic engineer, or a variety of other professionals.

Our commitment to knowing each expert witness and our experience in selecting the perfect experts for your case will save you and your clients time and money while providing peace of mind.

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Product Liability Expertises (68)

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Accident Investigation

Aquatic Safety

Brake Failure

Cause and Origin

Department Stores

Electrical Inspections

Failure to Warn

Fire Safety Science

Human Factors


Lemon Law

Machinery Maintenance

Marketing Defects

Microwave Injuries

Playground Safety


Regulatory Compliance

Risk Management

Safety Engineering

Safety Warnings

Standard of Care

Unsafe Product

Vision and Perception

Accident Prevention

Beverage Bottling

Breach of Warranty

Convenience Stores

Design Defects


Fire Resistance

Forensic Engineering


Labels and Warnings

Lithium Battery

Manufacturing Defects

Mechanical Failure

Personal Injury

Power Tools

Recreational Accidents


Safety and Security

Safety Management





Accident Reconstruction

Biomedical Equipment

Causation Analysis


Electric Scooter

Failure Analysis

Fire Retardants


Industrial Equipment Damage

Laser Safety

Machine Safety

Manufacturing Management

Microwave Fires

Phone Battery Explosion

Protective Equipment


Risk Assessment

Safety Compliance

Safety Testing

Signs and Markings

Toxic Exposure


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