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Industrial hygiene refers to the practice of maintaining a certain level of environmental standards within an industrial setting. These standards include the evaluation, recognition, anticipation, prevention, and control of any possible hazards in the workplace that may affect the employees in terms of illness, injury, or general well-being.

Industrial hygienists work to maintain safe levels of indoor air quality, ventilation, noise reduction, environmental health and safety, and worker safety, as well as preventing such harmful elements as toxic exposure, mold and fungus, pesticides, hazardous materials and waste, chemical spills or exposure, asbestos, contamination, radiation, pollution, microbial contamination, or other possible dangers in a workplace environment.

Industrial hygiene can come under question over workplace accidents, as the practice is implemented as an oversight to all potential accidents or risks involving the health of workers. Industrial hygiene is applicable to many different work environments, such as government, manufacturing, healthcare facilities, and construction sites. An industrial hygiene expert witness will have a specific background unique to the field that he or she is working in. Industrial hygienists also work with laboratory testing, conduct inspections, and implement various programs designed to maintain efficient health and safety.

Industrial hygiene exists as a means of preventing dangerous or unhealthy working environments, so it will inevitably come up as an issue in the event of a health violation or unsafe working condition.

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