In February 20, 2014, ForensisGroup, Inc. CEO Mercy T. Steenwyk was appointed as board member of the American Red Cross San Gabriel Pomona Valley Chapter. She was chosen along with Diana Peterson-More, president of The Organizational Effectiveness Group and founder of HRO on the Go. Both women will add fresh, well-demonstrated leadership to the Red Cross.

ForensisGroup’s Steenwyk brings with her three decades of impressive professional experience, during which she has demonstrated expertise in business affairs, such as marketing, strategic planning, and management, all while championing diversity. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of the Philippines, and as founder, president, and CEO of ForensisGroup, she has developed one of the largest women- and minority-owned businesses in Los Angeles. Her undertaking with the American Red Cross provides Steenwyk with an outstanding new platform on which to make an impact. She will be given the opportunity to work alongside other gifted leaders on the board, such as Peterson-More, who earned a Juris Doctorate at Loyola Law School and frequently speaks at university graduate programs across Los Angeles.

Ben Green, the CEO of the American Red Cross San Gabriel Pomona Valley Chapter, announced the selections while praising Steenwyk and Peterson-More as “two incredibly high-power and high-energy women who will bring great depth and resources to our board.” ForensisGroup wishes to extend proud congratulations to its exceptional CEO and wishes both Steenwyk and Peterson-More well in their new roles as influencers within the Red Cross.

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