ForensisGroup participates in Flintridge Prep’s Junior Internship Program on May 19, 2014. Two student interns from the local high school shadowed Mercy Steenwyk, President and CEO, and various executives at ForensisGroup.  The students gained first hand experience on the daily operations within the best expert witness service company.  The interns gained knowledge and experience on how a professional service company functions, as well as insights on real world problem solving in the legal and consulting industry.

The interns had the opportunity to learn about ForensisGroup’s company mission, goals, marketing efforts, expert witness selection, case management, and expert witness recruitment. Each department presented a brief overview on what their functions consist of within the company. ForensisGroup’s client services department demonstrated an overview of responding to attorneys’ requests and also how the expert selection is processed. The case management department handles contracts and communications between the experts and attorneys. Lastly, the expert recruitment department showed the interns how the ForensisGroup qualifies the best expert witnesses and reviews the expert’s credentials.

The students also met with top-notch construction expert witness in California, Harold “Jamie” Bisner III.   The student interns gained an understanding on how the company operates with the experts specifically. They had an in-depth meeting with the construction expert to learn how an expert witness work with attorneys and a professional expert witness search firm.

Photo: Ely Magel, Harold “Jamie” Bisner III, Mercy Steenwyk, David Gibson,  Alexander Gunning