PASADENA, Calif. (September 5, 2016) – Considered Los Angeles’ premier source for comprehensive coverage of local businesses, the Los Angeles Business Journal ranks ForensisGroup among the finalists of women-owned businesses in the area. The Los Angeles Business Journal’s ranking distinguishes companies that are at least 50 percent women-owned, sorted by reported revenues in 2015. This honor recognizes the efforts of ForensisGroup and its staff to maintain their reputation as the nation’s leading expert witness firm.

Established in 1991, Ms. Mercy Steenwyk, President and CEO of ForensisGroup, started the business as an engineering expert resource and consulting company. Envisioned as a company to provide truth and multiple perspectives to cases, ForensisGroup continues to grow as the foremost provider of expert witnesses in a broad variety of disciplines. Through excellent service, ForensisGroup has placed among the finalists  in women-owned businesses by Los Angeles Business Journal though it’s commitment to finding highly qualified experts for each client. Moving forward, ForensisGroup is determined to retain its spot within the top 100 women-owned businesses by continuing to grow as the nation’s best expert witness search firm.

About ForensisGroup:

Known as “the Expert of Experts,” ForensisGroup has provided witnesses for over 10,000 complex cases. Through a rigorous vetting process, we provide only the most trusted and credible individuals in many disciplines. The firm offers a no-obligation, stress-free expert witness selection and retention process catered to the needs of our clients. ForensisGroup offers experts in disciplines such as construction, finance, medicine, engineering, intellectual property, computers, and many other technical disciplines, throughout the United States.