Interracial Medical Business Team Meeting in BoardroomWe specialize in finding very hard-to-find experts for patent litigation, product liability, premises liability, and other complex lawsuits. Check out five of our interesting expert requests this month.  At ForensisGroup, we are the Expert of Experts.

1.  Turbo Charger Expert

An attorney wants a highly qualified mechanical engineering expert for a complex product liability case.

Client 1: “You presented us with the most fabulous perfect expert in this difficult narrow issue case.”


2. Maternal-Fetal Medical Doctor with expertise in diagnostics technology

A patent attorney working on an important IP case is looking for a high-caliber medical expert witness who is authoritative in the field.

Client 2: “I really liked Dr. X, and we would like to retain him.”


3.  Safety expert with expertise on fire retardation capability of uniforms for use in oil fields 

Client 3: “Thanks. I am impressed.”


4.  Unique Antique Appraiser

A client asked ForensisGroup to search for an appraisal expert to authenticate unique items such as vintage alcohol bottles, coins, and other special antiques.

Client 4: “Once again, you came through for me and provided a great list of potential experts which I truly appreciate.”


5.  Material Science and wood expert witness on a utility pole case

Client 5: “I am on board with [the expert]”.

If you need help finding a niche expert witness, please give us a call or fill out our expert request form online. We’ll be happy to help you with your search.