Fraud Prevention Expert 519552 AL

Expertise Description

My 25 years of experience in the credit reporting industry includes working with Data Breach and Fraud Prevention, as well as call center operations, B2B sales, vendor management, customer service, credit disputes, credit repair, identity theft, corporate security, strategic planning, crisis management and fraud examination/detection. I have additional experience in financial services, including risk assessment/analysis, investigations, and banking. My time as a fraud prevention expert witness has spanned over a decade with courtroom testimony, consultations, and deposition.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

I have testified in numerous civil trials as witness and expert on credit reporting. I have also been deposed more than a hundred times and possess a unique ability to not be bullied or intimidated by opposing attorneys. I have testified in many criminal trials as an expert on credit reporting, credit repair, and financial crimes. I have significant experience working with attorneys, in the courtroom and the discovery process. My experience includes both state and federal court.

Consulting Experience

I have consulted with banks, insurance companies, and other businesses to better understand credit reports, credit repair, data breaches, credit card fraud, and identity theft.

Professional Experiences

My professional experience includes being a frequent speaker on the topics of identity theft, credit file manipulation and financial fraud, specifically from a credit reporting agency respective. My audience includes law enforcement, bank investigators, financial industry trade associations, and consumer groups.

Relevant Experiences

I am an expert in identity theft and the FCRA, having testified in more than a hundred cases as an expert or 30(b)(6) witness. This includes federal, state, civil and criminal. I regularly teach classes to credit issuers, banks and law enforcement on identity theft. I spent 26 years crafting FCRA policies for a credit bureau.

Having spent 26 years working for one of the 3 major credit reporting agencies, I am in a unique position to comment on the impact of loan modifications and other reported information to credit reports and scores.  I oversaw much of the inbound contact from consumers who had questions and disputes relating to their credit reports, many about loan modifications. I am also intimately familiar with how data is reported and stored within the credit bureaus.  Since 2008, I have testified through deposition and trial testimony numerous times about loan modifications, data furnishing and credit scores.

I have more 15+ years experience investigating Armenian fraud scams and am an expert in synthetic ID fraud, credit reporting and financial crimes.

Licenses Certifications

POST (Peace Officers Standards & Training) certified trainer for the State of California

Awards & Affiliation

Federal Bureau of Investigations – Excellence in the continuing contributions to complex financial crimes investigations
State of California Working Group on Identity Theft
State of Utah Working Group on Identity Theft
International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators

Primary Affiliation

International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators