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Where is ForensisGroup located?

ForensisGroup is headquartered in Los Angeles County, California. We are located at 301 N. Lake Ave. Suite 420, Pasadena, California 91101-5119. We offer expert witnesses and consultants for referrals nationwide.

Where does ForensisGroup service?

ForensisGroup services clients nationwide within the continental United States, Hawaii, and Alaska. Our historic service area includes the greater Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Reno metropolitan areas. We have a strong network of expert witnesses in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Washington D.C., Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Washington and many other states. Many of our expert witnesses will travel to anywhere in the United States to help you with your case and they offer competitive rates for travel. ForensisGroup is dedicated to help clients locate potential expert witnesses without cost or obligation.

Why use ForensisGroup to find an expert witness?

ForensisGroup is dedicated to making it as easy as possible for you to choose from the best selection of expert witnesses. We put you in touch with experts for free and at no obligation. If you have a hard-to-find expert request, we will recruit the expert you are seeking at no cost to you. If you are unsure of the type of expert you need, we will ascertain potential experts from various associated disciplines. Expert witnesses offering their services through ForensisGroup are evaluated by clients after each job so we are constantly improving the quality of our process for clients.

When was ForensisGroup established?

ForensisGroup was established in 1991 and we have been referring qualified expert witnesses and consultants to attorneys, insurance companies, government entities, and many other industries for over 25 years. Mercy Tolentino Steenwyk, the company’s President and CEO, founded the company as Construction Expert Resource, but within its first few years, the name was changed to ForensisGroup to better reflect and service the growing unique range of forensic disciplines available to attorneys.

Are the experts your employees?

ForensisGroup experts are independent contractors of the company. They may be employed, retired, or otherwise engaged as private consultants in the service of others.

Does ForensisGroup handle plaintiff cases? Defense cases? Insurance?

ForensisGroup refers experts to attorneys, self-insureds, insurance professionals, corporations, private and public agencies, as well as to other experts in need of assistance, without regard to the side they are representing. We serve clients on a first come first served basis.

Is ForensisGroup an engineering company, expert witness directory, or an expert witness referral company?

ForensisGroup is a referral company. Its experts are independent contractors with whom the company has ongoing referral agreements.

Who are ForensisGroup’s expert witnesses and where are they located?

ForensisGroup experts are independent contractors who may be employed, retired, or otherwise engaged as private consultants in the service of others. From distinguished academics to corporate executives, our expert witnesses are renowned, accomplished leaders in their respective industries. Historically concentrated in California, our network today spans across the United States and is comprised of nearly 3,000 experts in a growing myriad of disciplines, among them construction, medical, scientific, financial, intellectual property, marketing, insurance, safety, and engineering.

Are all available experts listed on your site?

Call or email us to determine the latest information concerning expert availability or what is available within a given area of expertise. Keep in mind the profiles listed and keywords linked to them are not complete resumes or C.V.’s. ForensisGroup is also routinely contacted by experts wishing to work with us as it is always recruiting new experts. Consequently, the website will only feature a sample of available experts rather than the complete range of expertise available. Lastly, if there is an area in which we lack a selection – whether geographic or within an area of forensic expertise, we attempt to fill it within our client’s time constraints.

Is there a vetting process to become an expert witness?

Yes. ForensisGroup adheres to internal quality control standards throughout the course of our relationship with our experts. It is our goal to refer expert witnesses known for their knowledge, integrity, and professionalism. Plus, we listen to our clients. The client has an opportunity after each job to provide feedback on the expert’s performance and abilities.

Should I join ForensisGroup? What is involved?

ForensisGroup is constantly recruiting the best in the industry. As we garner more clientele across the United States, the demand for top-notch experts in unique disciplines is also on the upswing. You would be not only associated with a premier group of recognized experts, but also partnering with an internal staff dedicated to unmatched service – all at no cost to you. Please have a look at our Become An Expert page for details and the benefits of joining us. You might also read some of our expert profiles on our website to compare the breadth of our experts’ backgrounds, credentials, and locations.

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How do I contact a specific expert?

Email or phone the company and say you would like to speak with the expert. Most of our experts willingly make themselves available for an initial telephone consultation at no cost or obligation to retain.

How do I retain a specific expert?

Email or phone the company and say you would like to retain the expert. The company will let the expert know, exchange any necessary contact information, set the paperwork in motion, and finalize any retainer arrangement necessary prior to initiation of services.

What is the relationship between the client, the expert witness, and ForensisGroup?

Both the client’s and the expert’s financial relationship is with ForensisGroup. ForensisGroup handles administrative and billing issues, while the client and expert focus on work as it proceeds. The client determines the scope and nature of the work, and the expert maintains complete control over the technical and scientific aspects of it.

What does it cost to receive resumes / curriculum vitae (CV’s), and fee schedules?

There is no cost to receive an individual’s fee schedule and resume or C.V. nor is there any obligation to retain that individual.

How much does it cost to recruit an expert?

ForensisGroup does not charge anything for recruiting experts for their clients though it employs full-time staff for that work. Neither is there an obligation on behalf of the client to retain an expert whose information they have been forwarded. Our goal is to provide clients with as many quality choices as possible. If you are not satisfied with the experts you have received or if you would like for us to recruit alternatives, let us know. It is in our interest to have experts for referral with whom our clients want to work. If we don’t have who you’re looking for, we would like to know.

How much does your service cost?

Clients pay the retainer and hourly rate stated on an expert’s fee schedule once an expert is retained. Experts work with us to ensure hourly fees are competitive. As each expert has different levels of professional experience, accreditation, and legal background, hourly rates may differ from expert to expert.

Are deposits refundable?

ForensisGroup experts may specify a retainer or deposit arrangement within their company agreement that the company will execute on their behalf. However, if there is no agreement in place for a given expert, ForensisGroup generally requests a deposit / retainer of between $2,500.00 and $3,500.00 prior to the initiation of work. In certain cases, retainers may be waived at the discretion of the company and the expert. Deposits are immediately applicable to the first invoice and fully-refundable if no work is done unless otherwise specified on an expert’s fee schedule or verbally prior to case opening.

How does payment work?

As an independent contractor, the expert submits invoices to ForensisGroup for work done. ForensisGroup, in turn, invoices the client. The expert is paid through ForensisGroup.

How does an expert get paid?

ForensisGroup sends out checks to experts on the 15th and 30th of each month after payment has been received from the client. Experts requiring immediate payment must specify unique arrangements (i.e. – replenishment retainers) so the client and company are fully aware of the expert’s needs.

Who and how does an expert bill or invoice?

As an independent contractor, an expert submits invoices to ForensisGroup on a monthly basis for work performed on cases obtained through the company. Experts are responsible for submitting invoices to the company on a regular basis for work as it is completed. There is no set format required for invoices, however, an invoice should at minimum specify file number, case name, time and date of each billable task completed, rate for each billable task, duration of work, nature of billable task (if not immediately apparent), and breakdown of reimbursable materials or expenses. Though ForensisGroup does not require submittal of receipts for materials or expenses, it is advised to have them available if requested by clients or disputes arise. The invoice may be transmitted via fax or mail to the attention your handling Case Administrator.