Gender Discrimination Expert WitnessesWhat is the function of an expert witness in litigation?  The court system, as well as plaintiffs and defendants, rely on an expert witness’s specialized knowledge to analyze the facts of a case and offer an unbiased opinion. In gender discrimination litigation, expert witnesses educate the jury on matters of employee discrimination, employee relations, employee misconduct, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, wage and hour disputes, and other disciplines pertaining to gender discrimination.   

On April 2, 2019, two female employees of an entertainment conglomerate filed a class action lawsuit alleging that their entertainment division systemically underpays women when compared with men. In the complaint, one of the plaintiffs, financial analyst LaRonda Rasmussen, presented evidence that men in her division made an average of $26,000 more than she despite the fact that she performs the same work. Plaintiff alleges that the Defendant engages in systemic gender discrimination against its female employees through unequal pay in violation of California’s Equal Pay Act, Labor Code section 1197.5. 

Rasmussen alleges that this entertainment conglomerate “routinely underpays its female employees, passes them over for promotion, piles on extra work without additional compensation, and does not supply sufficient support staff to women employees.”  The complaint describes entertainment conglomerate thus: 

At all times, Defendant has known or should have known of the serious pay disparities between its female and male employees performing equal or substantially similar work, yet has refused to acknowledge this fact, or to completely correct the pay disparities existing in the entertainment conglomerate. Their failure to pay women the same compensation paid to men for equal or substantially similar work has been and is willful. 

Class action allegations include: 

Systematically, intentionally, and/or knowingly showed an indifference to evidence of discrimination in the workplace or otherwise minimized, ignored, mishandled, or covered up evidence of or complaints about pay discrimination. the entertainment conglomerate caused, attempted to cause, contributed to, or caused the continuation of, the wage rate discrimination based on sex in violation of the California Fair Pay Act. Moreover, Defendant willfully violated the California Fair Pay Act by intentionally, knowingly, and deliberately paying Plaintiffs and Class members less than similarly-situated males As a result of Defendant’s conduct and/or Defendant’s willful, knowing and intentional discrimination, Plaintiffs and the Class members have suffered and will continue to suffer harm, including but not limited to, lost earnings, lost benefits, and other financial loss, as well as noneconomic damages. 

The lawsuit claims that the entertainment conglomerates corporate policies have created this inequity. In gender discrimination litigation, experts testify on whether personnel policies, procedures, and practices are unbiased. These experts evaluate whether the defendant has adhered to fair employment practices or has violated state statutes and regulations and/or federal laws in the Equal Pay Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Contact ForensisGroup to be connected with the most qualified expert for your case